As hard as we try, there does come a time when an asset is no longer viable in the marketplace. Maybe the license or maintenance fees have become exorbitant, or the frequency of repairs has risen dramatically. Perhaps the item is just worn out or the newer models are that much better and cheaper.

Whatever the reason, Somerset can make arrangements for all assets that cannot be refurbished and/or reused to be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner with EPA compliant and registered recycling facilities.

Somerset can also provide full erasure of data on all types of storage media. Our methods are fully compliant with Department of Defense guidelines. As legal requirement and corporate responsibility edicts are changing rapidly (HIPAA and Sarbains-Oxly requirements for example), the importance of tracking the removal and destruction of data on outgoing systems has become an issue many IT departments are not staffed to manage. An equipment report is provided listing each system serial number, time of procedure and technical detail.

Alternatively, we can provide complete media destruction if desired.

Our service options include: